ALA-1000 : Long-acting release injections for opioid use disorder

Development Reason : The treatment for opioid addiction is a chronic process. Currently, the medication-assisted treatment (MAT) drugs are the mainstream to provide better approach to the treatment of substance use disorders, but the bottlenecks of traditional oral MAT drugs such as missing doses, abuse, and misuse potentials have no longer meet the medical need of patients. Therefore, the development of long-acting products can effectively improve the shortcomings of oral products.  The characteristics of ALA-1000 such as low viscosity, small injection volume, and smooth drug release profile with fewer side effects provide a better medical choice for patients, which improves drug adherence and medical compliance, helping people return to society.

In-Relar Long-Acting Release Platform :

In-Relar platform: It is a novel drug delivery platform developed by Alar. After subcutaneous injection, the drug solidifies to form a depot. This depot can release the drug steadily in therapeutic concentration for several weeks to months.