Company Profile

Alar Pharmaceuticals Inc. (abbreviated as Alar), a new drug development company, was established in 2016. We focus on developing long-acting release drug products for CNS disorders and chronic diseases, which mainly include opioid use disorder, chronic pain, and major depressive disorder. These chronic diseases not only cause long-term burdens to the patients and their families but also consume huge social costs. Long-acting release product is a solution to improve medical quality, enhance patient’s compliance, and increase drug adherence. The unique long-acting release platform developed by Alar is different from the current long-acting technologies. Drug products developed by our platform have distinctive characteristics such as low viscosity, small injection volume, and smooth drug release profile with fewer side effects, which provide a better medical choice for patients. We believe that with the corporate philosophy of improving medical quality, it will reach the milestones of excellence in developing long-acting drug products.