Company Profile

Alar Pharmaceuticals Inc., established in 2016, is a new drug development company focusing on developing long-acting release drug products for CNS disorders and chronic diseases. Aiming to submit the new drug application via the 505(b)(2) regulatory pathway and address the unmet medical needs, long-acting injectables for treating opioid use disorder, chronic pain, treatment-resistant depression, and other diseases are under development. Long-acting release products could not only relieve the burden of daily medication, enhance patient’s compliance, and increase drug adherence, but could also improve medical quality and have greater potential to achieve treatment success.

Different from the current long-acting technologies, drug products developed by our unique long-acting release platform (In-Relar) have distinctive characteristics such as low viscosity solution, small injection volume, and sustained drug release profile, which can contribute to fewer side effects and provide a better treatment option for patients.