Board of Directors

Chairman :    Charles Lin

Director  :      Yung-Shun Wen

Director :       Grand Spirit Investments Limited (Representative : Chen-Yu Fang)

Director :       CDIB Capital Healthcare Ventures (Representative : Yi-Jiun Gau)

Independent Director :       Shoei-Sheng Lee

Independent Director :       Shu-Chin Liang

Independent Director :       Su Fnag Yang


Management Team


Charles Lin 

Mr. Lin received his BS from Department of Pharmacy of Taiwan University and has over 30 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry. As Chairman of Lotus, he successfully led Lotus be listed at OTC market  and transformed into an international pharma. In 2016, Mr. Lin founded Alar Pharmaceuticals Inc. Withing many years of experience in pharmaceutical R & D, innovation and marketing, perspective international  outlook and  familiarity with corporate governance concepts, he  commits to lead Alar to become an international new pharmaceutical company.


Yung-Shun Wen Ph.D

Dr. Wen received his PhD in Chemistry from the National Taiwan University. He has more than 18 years of experiences in the pharmaceutical industry When he was a director of RD department in a well-known pharmaceutical company, he lead the research and development team to break through technical barriers and let the products be listed in advanced countries such as Europe, America and Japan. Dr. Wen has extensive experience in the research and development resources and team management. He will lead the Alar team to focus on products development and be listed in market in order to  enhance the company’s overall value.

Director of Finance

Vivian Kang

Ms Kang received her MBA from Texas A & M University, Commerce. She has more than 10 years of experience in financial management and accounting and worked in famous listed company in Taiwan and China.

Director of Product Development

Chia Hsien Chen Ph.D

Dr. Chen received his PhD in Chemistry from the National Taiwan University. He has more than 10 years of experiences in pharmaceutical research and development.Dr. Chen specializes in the development of small molecule drug delivery systems and controlled release formulations.Prior to joining the Alar Pharmaceuticals Inc, he has led the development of drugs such as central nervous system and cardiovascular disease,and obtained many drug licenses of FDA approval from the US and Taiwan. Currently responsible for Alar’s new drug product development, patent writing and process scale up.

Manager of Clinical Research

Renee Liang

Ms Liang received her master degree from the Institute of Pharmacy of National Taiwan University and has served as the R & D supervisor of a well-known pharmaceutical company in Taiwan. She has  many years experience in drug development and successfully applied for A+ industrial innovation R&D programs from the Ministry of Economic Affairs. Currently responsible for the Alar’s US clinical trials and GLP toxicology test management.

Manager of Regulatory Affairs

Alyssa Chang

Ms Chang was graduated from Institute of Molecular and Cellular Biology, National Tsing Hua University and she was specializing in the research of mental illness and neurodegenerative diseases, and has many experiences in project management of new drug development in related fields. After joining in Alar is responsible for the Alar’s regulatory document management and delivery strategy planning.

Internal auditing officer

Julia Chen Ph.D

Dr. Chen received her Business Management PhD from University of Monaco, Master degree form Northern Alabama State University and Master degree of Information Management from National Defense University. Dr Chen was a audit supervisor in Genomics , general manager assistant in Service and Quality Co.and secretary of Taiwan Cement Board. Over 10 years working experience in corporate governance, corporate legal compliance and internal control, Dr. Chen is currently a member of the Research Group of the Stock Association and Alar ‘s director of internal audit.